Ultra Nitro Racers

Ultra Nitro Racers 1.95

Racing game with nitro-fitted cars
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Win races to gain gradually more powerful cars and face better competition. Use the nitro acceleration boost to get the decisive advantage.

Ultra Nitro Racers is a racing game which takes you in the captivating world of racing championships. Its fascinating graphics, rich colors and newest car models will catch your eye as soon as you start playing.

Entering the game and selecting your profile is all you need to do in order to start racing.
Once you have successfully completed the races in the championship and gained points, you will have access to cars with more powerful engines, as well as other technical options that you can select in order to enhance your car’s performance.

Moreover, in order to gain a decisive advantage in the highly competitive races, you need to boost your car with nitro fuel. When you inject it, your car will gain incredible speed.
The “Help” section offers you support by providing information on the control keys and their functions.

Therefore, Ultra Nitro Racers is a racing game which will help you practice your reflexes and your driving skills, while at the same time it offers you a relaxing way of spending your spare time.

Sean O'Reilly
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